We are Cape Cod’s Green Cleaning Authority

We are Cape Cod’s Green Cleaning Authority when it comes to home and office cleaning environments. We are available so that families and business owners do not have to choose between safety and affordability. In addition to being good for the environment, our natural cleaning solutions offer vast health benefits.

We believe that we should all protect ourselves from harsh chemicals and toxic fumes whenever possible. We are a company completely committed to each one of our customers needs, part of a new environmentally sensitive generation of families. When it comes to creating a healthy and safe home/office environment, conserving energy, and maintaining a healthy and prosperous planet we are your Cape Cod Green Cleaning Experts.

Using The Best Green Cleaning Solutions

Unlike those traditional cleaning companies today, we are a Cape Cod Green Cleaning Professional company, using only Green Seal Certified® house cleaning products, and in many cases, using every day household products; baking soda, and vinegar to name just a few. Our fully bonded and trained expert green cleaning professionals use only micro fiber cleaning cloths and as a company, we provide Dyson HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners to each one of our cleaning teams. We take pride in providing a healthier, alternative to cleaning with no sacrifices to quality in the process. In fact, you do not have to invest any extra money to begin the step to green cleaning when you choose our company. We believe that every one should “Go Green” with Green Cleaning.

Go Green...

By discussing the importance of hygiene and environmentally sound green cleaning for our health, we begin to prevent and protect the health of everyone around us. You can begin the process today at home or in the office by picking up the telephone and setting up an appointment to meet with one of our Cape Cod Green Cleaning Authorities.

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